Web Hosting Services

We connect you with the right hosting plan, and can manage it all for you

Not Technical? We’ve Got Your Back

We will analyze your business and match you to the right hosting plan for your needs and budget. We monitor the up-time and security statistics of our hosting providers to make sure we are always offering the best of the best to our customers. Our preferred hosting providers do not charge for bandwidth (network usage) or storage (disk) – they are unlimited. This means there won’t be any surprises in your bill – just one flat rate you can count on. We also perform regular backups of your files and data, so you’ll be as safe as possible.

You Retain Ownership

Best of all, you are the owner. We do not retain any rights to your website, hosting, or registrar. We strongly believe you should always be free to choose whomever you wish to maintain your stuff. We’ll even document your entire setup so you have the technical information should you need to pass it on.

Host and DNS Management

We get the best domain name for your business and manage the DNS for your website and any business applications you may have (e.g. email). We also manage the software upgrades on the host to make sure you’re always up to date and safe from the latest attacks.

Host and DNS Transfers

If you’re currently in a bad situation, we can move your website and DNS to a better place and put you back in charge. We only use healthy, ICANN accredited registrars, and our hosting providers are the best in the industry. Our thoughtful techniques make sure there is no interruption to your website and applications during the transfer.