Web Development

We bring experience and skill, and add value

Experienced Problem Solvers

With over 18 years of software engineering experience, we can develop any solution to fit your needs and budget. We’ve been steadily designing and implementing websites from small to enormous since 1994. Along the way we’ve created web services, used AJAX, and implemented content management systems (CMS) even before they were called such things. This happened because we focus on solving problems and adding value, and we have the technical skill and creativity to bridge the gap when the right solution does not exist out-of-the-box.

Value Focused Development

As a part of adding value, we are constantly evaluating existing and emerging technologies and services to solve our customers problems. There is never a reason to reinvent the wheel, and software development can be expensive. We have an eye for the bottom line, and the experience to know how and when to incorporate reliable, existing products into a solution to bring you more value for less money – faster.

Pixel Perfect and Mobile Too

If you’re a marketer who needs a landing page for a campaign, or a copywriter looking to code your content into a custom WordPress template, we’ve got you covered. We create pixel perfect representations of your work in HTML and CSS, preserving every single nuance of your idea. We can also make your designs and content responsive so you and your clients are well represented on mobile platforms. Not only does a responsive design align your work with the industry best practice, but the Google recommendation of serving the same HTML for all devices. This has the added benefit of allowing you to control your mobile and desktop content in one place, saving you time and money.

Maintenance and Updates

If you’re looking to maintain or update an existing website, we can do that too. We have years of experience with Microsoft and Linux and the code, databases, and frameworks that run on them. From the small to the large and distributed, we analyze and understand your systems. Not only can we maintain and update your site, we can suggest ways increase performance, reduce costs, and add value for your customers.