Optimization Techniques

Specific things we do for SEO/SEM

Here are just some of the things we do to get you found in local searches.

  • Local Keyword Analysis & Research

    We find industry and geo-specific keywords that your customers are already using to look for the products and/or services you sell. These keywords are the foundation for our search engine optimization and marketing efforts, and guide your website’s content. We also research your competitors to see what keywords they are ranking for. We find the keyword opportunities that will get the most qualified traffic for your business.

  • On-page Optimization For Better Local SEO
    • Locally Optimized Titles and Meta Descriptions
    • Local NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on all pages
    • Embedded Maps
    • Rich Local Markup to send local messages to Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Locally Targeted Article Submissions

    We submit articles that spotlight your product or service to article directories and media outlets that your customers use to find information and answer questions.

  • Organic Link Building
    • Competitive links

      We get a complete link profile for your competitors to find opportunities for you.

    • Relevant Industry Partners & Associations

      We connect you with your professional partners and associations to make sure your industry relevance is represented with quality links.

    • Reviews

      We approach people who are reviewing products or services in your space, and get you included.

    • Content Promoters

      We connect with writers who are likely to cover your story and repost your infographics and articles.

    • Guest Postings

      We reach out to blog owners who run blogs that your customers read to get your article posted.

    • Giveaways

      Sometimes it makes sense to offer goods and services in exchange for coverage. We find these opportunities and present them to you.

    • Relevant Resource and Links Pages

      We find relevant resource and link sites (TripAdvisor, for example) that your customers use to the good and services you sell and get you listed with your link.

  • Local Search Directories

    We place you in most local search directories. We make sure listing is optimized, and your information is consistent throughout the local search ecosystem.

  • Local Citations

    We find relevant, locally-used citation sources for your business and get you listed. We also come up with a on-going strategy so you continually receive citations for your business.

  • Claiming and Optimizing Business Listings

    Along with getting you listed in most local search directories and citation sources, we claim and optimize your listings to ensure your business is well represented.

    • Google Plus Local (formerly Google Places)
    • Yahoo & Bing Local
    • Four Square
    • Yelp
    • Other Relevant Local Business Directories
  • Claiming and Optimizing Social Media Profiles

    For businesses in which social media makes sense, we claim your social media profiles, optimally setup your pages, and connect them with relevant business groups and individuals.

  • Geo Sitemap and KML file

    We give search engines all the help they need to find you and understand your location so you get found by your local customers. Submitting a Geo Sitemap and KML file to search engines helps them understand where in the world you are.