Local Search Marketing

Local SEO/SEM for small business

Local Search Specialists

We specialize in targeting the local customers of small businesses. To promote your business, we perform a series of on-page and off-page activities to get you found by your customers. Our techniques will increase qualified traffic to your site, and bring you more business.

Customized For Your Business

Not all of our search engine marketing techniques make sense for every business in every case: Each situation is different. To make the most out of your investment, we only pursue the avenues of promotion that will actually yield results for you. Unlike other search engine marketing firms, we do not sell a one-size-fits all SEO/SEM plan or outsource the work to another company.

White Hat

All of the SEO and SEM techniques we use are white-hat, meaning that they are honest efforts to help people by connecting them with your awesome products and/or services. As such, they will not result in any penalty from search engines. We obey the Google Guidelines for SEO, and only pursue relevant links and promotion avenues.

Monthly Report

We produce a monthly report that shows you the results of our efforts. You will never be in the dark about what we are doing for you or where your money went.

Common SEO/SEM Misconceptions

One Time Activity

SEO/SEM is not a once-and-done activity, and requires ongoing effort to get real, sustained results. Believe me, I wish it were different, but it’s true.

Automated Process

SEO/SEM does not consist of automated activities. Real results come from manual work, using legitimate analysis tools, following the search engine guidelines, talking to actual people, and building real connections. Automated activities, tricks, spamming, and paying for links will just result in your business being penalized or even getting delisted from major search engines.

SERP Guarantees

No one can guarantee your position in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you find someone who does, they are not telling you the whole story, or are using tactics that could damage your business.